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WildSmiles braces give our patients a chance to embrace their personalities during orthodontic treatment. If your child wants to take their smile to the next level, they can choose from a variety of shapes, including stars, hearts, baseballs, footballs, flowers, diamonds and much more! WildSmiles work the same way as traditional braces, but your child can express their own personality and make their smile just as unique as they are.

The prospect of wearing braces for years can be daunting for young patients. Braces have always been about correcting the alignment of teeth without any real consideration of style, individuality or expression.  WildSmiles gives patients the confidence they need to enjoy the orthodontic experience.

Seventy percent of patients 11 years old and younger choose WildSmiles when given the choice. Getting braces is a big commitment for kids and parents alike. A successful outcome depends on your young patient following the dentist's directions and committing themselves to proper orthodontic hygiene and maintenance.  WildSmiles provides a unique opportunity to encourage your child's enthusiastic participation by seeing their orthodontic devices as an outlet for personal style and artistic expression.    

WildSmiles is correction first.  It is effective, professional and not a gimmick.  It simply takes a common corrective procedure and adds some fun using quality American made brackets.  Even better, you can look forward to more effective results when your child doesn't just endure their braces…they enjoy them!  WildSmiles encourage patient acceptance and participation in a way that traditional metal braces simply can't match.

These unique brackets create a fun alternative to traditional braces by turning correction into expression!

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